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Things To Do In Sarnia for Entertainment

Whether you are a single young adult looking to grab a few pints with others to an elderly couple looking on how to spend their quiet Friday night, Sarnia has plenty of activities and events for all looking to enjoy themselves. Located right at the mouth of the St. Clair River, Sarnia’s beautiful landscapes and modernized downtown spot gives no shortages of entertainment opportunities. With a population of just over 70,000, the Sarnia entertainment scene is able to encapsulate all those looking for a great way to spend their time.

Entertainment for Teens in Sarnia

Dishing out the hottest and most up-to-date movies, the Cineplex Cinemas (Sarnia) location is a great spot to unwind after a long day of sitting in the classroom. Found at 1380 London Road, Cineplex Cinemas has 6 state of the art theatres that give those that are watching the absolute best movie experience one can get. Ticket prices can range depending on age, but the fixed price for a standard ticket is $11.75. But if you are looking to save a little bit of your coin, the Cinema has “Cheap Tuesday”, cutting all ticket prices in half! (Get there quick! It’s a popular night to catch a flick!)

Ever think you’d be able to play videogames that mimic features of true reality? Look no further than Sarnia’s own virtual reality gamming spot District Beta. Found at 1886 London Line, this futuristic gamming joint is every teens dream setup. With a rate of $30 an hour, District Beta is a sure way to encapsulate all teens looking to take a break from their “generic” gamming experience.

Elderly Options for Entertainment in Sarnia

Sarnia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and sunsets in Ontario. While Sarnia is a boarder town, it holds two architectural masterpieces that allow citizens to cross from country to country over the mouth of the St. Clair River – The Bluewater Bridge. If you are looking to get out of your house for some fresh air and “bridge fries” or light exercise, the Bluewater Bridge at dusk is a great way to enjoy a fantastic scene of a beautiful sunset.

Connected right next to the Cinema is the Lambton Mall (1380 London Road). Being Sarnia’s largest mall holding close to 90 stores within, there are plenty of spots you can visit to take up some of your free time. Looking to refurbish the house deck outside? Why not visit the Canadian Tire where their employees can assist you all while your partner is just down the hall getting their nails done at Nails For You.

Alternative Dining to Downtown Sarnia

If you are looking to recharge with some grub from all that shopping, look no further than Lambton Mall’s up-to-date food court. Located just inside the north entrance to the Mall, this plethora of food shops can feed all customers, no matter their preference! If you are looking to munch on some classics such as grabbing a quick Mama Burger from A&W or just fetching a slice of za from Sarnia’s own Dino’s Pizza, this is the spot for you. It also holds both a Manchu Wok and Thai Express for shoppers looking to spice it up with some Asian cuisine. – maybe ignore this paragraph. Your call.

Sarnia Fine Dining Options For You

Sarnia’s list of fine dining options certainly do not match the fine dining experiences one would find in a larger city like Toronto, however Sarnia’s handful of options will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Steak & Seafood Fine Dining

Big Fish Steak & Lounge, located along London Line, is new to the city of Sarnia. Offering a wide variety of steak and seafood, their prices range form $31-$60 a meal. Locals are raving about this place! Their succulent prime ribs and garlic mashed potatoes are sure to have your taste buds dancing and the amazing food presentation will have everyone at the table talking. Although lacking a gorgeous location, Big Fish Steak & Lounge will reach far beyond your expectations from the time you are seated. Enjoy $5 martini Thursdays or host your next banquet here! Big Fish Steak & Lounge is sure to be the fix for all your steak and seafood cravings.

Sarnia’s French Fine Dining

In addition to Sarnia’s fine dining experience is the Maison St-Aubin located on Lakeshore Road (North side of the city). Home to Sarnia for 15 years, you will be blown away by this gem of French fine dining. The Maison St-Aubin’s menu is packed with traditional French cuisine inspired from Montreal, great for a romantic date night. The owners are truly proud of this labour of love they have created and will go above and beyond to satisfy your French cuisine cravings.

The Maison St-Aubin has taken it a step further and combined their French traditions with and all time favourite Sarnia tradition. First Friday! On the first Friday of every month, it is common knowledge for all Sarnia residents to be out on the town celebrating, whether that is at a bar with your friends or enjoying a bite out to eat with your significant other. What better way to celebrate than experiencing new French cuisine?! The chefs at Maison St-Aubin view the First Friday as a way to try new recipes and slowly introduce them to their year round menu. What a great way to experience traditional French cuisine!

American Fine Dining and Cocktail Bars

Another honourable mention to Sarnia fine dining cuisine is the Limbo Lounge. Located along Front St., this restaurant is a Sarnia favourite! The restaurant is home to a great location, including an outdoor patio, for you and your friends to wind down and grab a bite to eat.

All three fine dining options listed above are sure to become some of your favourite restaurants in Sarnia ON. If your craving the experience of something new or your taste buds are begging for some authentic French cuisine, Maison St-Aubin is an excellent choice for you! Craving a good steak or fresh fish? Try a bite at Big Fish Steak & Lounge. Looking for some authentic American food? Limbo Lounge is the place for you! Next time you are in the Sarnia area, be sure to treat yourself to these wonderful fine dining experiences. We are sure you will not be disappointed!

Sarnia’s Best Breakfast Options

Sarnia's Best Breakfast Options

When looking for a place to grab breakfast, whether you are hungover and need some grease, (don’t lie we’ve all been there!) or looking for somewhere to take the family for brunch, opt for a place to keep everyone happy! Sarnia’s restaurants include a group of breakfast joints that are committed to their loyal customers and are sure to go above and beyond to prove it!

Sarnia’s Long Loved Restaurants Offer the Best Breakfast Options

Nick’s Family Restaurant, located at 1716 London Line, includes a large list of breakfast and brunch buffet options, seven days a week. From eggs, bacon, ham and sausage to french toast and pancakes. But if you aren’t feeling breakfast, their brunch buffet extends to a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps and burgers! Let me tell you, nothing cures a hangover better than bacon and eggs, or a juicy hamburger! If you are looking to host a family get together, the restaurant also contains a banquet space that can hold up to 150 people.

A Cup A Coffee, open from 5:30 am – 8:00 pm, is the best place to meet the the girls for breakfast and a coffee before heading to work. This restaurant is a family run joint, offering a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner at a great price! The owners are committed to making great food for their loyal customers which they often see on a daily basis. With a continuously expanding menu, A Cup A Coffee is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years. Let someone else take care of the holiday cooking!

John’s Restaurant is another breakfast favourite in the city of Sarnia. Open from 6am – 10pm, John’s is a comfort food heaven! Committed to making their dishes from scratch, the kitchen opens at 4 am to prepare their breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the day. Famous for their ‘Hot Turkey Mondays’ for $8.99, the restaurant has been a local favourite for nearly 45 years.

Vegetarian Breakfast Options Available in Sarnia

Another breakfast favourite in Sarnia, ON. is the Ole Country Diner. Located on London Road, Ole Country Diner is open from 8 am – 3pm, seven days a week. Enjoy anything from eggs benedict to their signature boat special (fresh home cut fries topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese plus your choice of special toppings). Taking their commitment to their customers a step further, Ole Country Diner serves vegetarian, high protein, diabetic, gluten free or low carb substitutes. This restaurant introduces a 50’s diner vibe, their servers are always friendly and locals say the place feels like home.

No matter which breakfast joint you prefer, we are certain it will quickly become a crowd favourite. As a place to meet after church or to simply cure a hangover on Sunday morning, Sarnia’s breakfast options are sure to hit the spot! Many of these restaurants are home to very loyal customers, where the staff begins to feel like family and Sunday brunch is something everyone looks forward to. So stick to your favourite, or try them all!

Sarnia’s History Marker: Blue Water Bridge Twinning Project

Blue Water Bridge Sarnia History

The Bluewater Bridge was originally built with two lanes for vehicles, and sidewalks for passengers on foot; later removed to make room for three lanes to be used by vehicles. The original solo bridge construction started in 1935. Prior to the twinning project, the customs and toll collection booths on both the American and Canadian side were extensively reconfigured in the early 1990s. The Americans added a four-story customs office building in the center. This entailed the demolition of the original booths that had been in used on the Canadian side since 1938. In 1992, bridge authorities determined that traffic on the bridge had exceeded its rated capacity, and decided to add a second span in order to accommodate the higher traffic.

Blue Water Bridge Twinning Project Created Public Debate

During the public discussion over the form of the second span from 1994-1995, five possible designs were proposed, with over half of public opinion favoring a duplicate of the first bridge, and a cable-stayed bridge coming second in votes due to its dramatic appearance. The Blue Water Bridge Authority had rejected both designs at the top of public opinion, due to the duplicate bridge creating a false sense of history, and the cable-stayed design would overshadow the existing bridge. The continuous-tied arch design, which place third in polls, was chosen because it blends in with the original span yet stands out on its own, and has lower maintenance costs because it involves fewer spans. With the continuous-tied arch lacking public support, engineers struggled with the challenge of making the two bridges now compliment each other, rather than creating an awkward look that critics believed to be the final outcome. They overcame this challenge by using concrete piers and steel tower supporting the anchor span, rather than the traditional concrete tower, to better ease the difficult transition between the approach, anchor and main spans. To make the main span of the bridge attractive, engineers settled on an innovative low arch design, to match the old bridge all while merging the traffic deck with the bottom supporting steel for the portion of the bridge suspended over the water.

American and Canadian Engineers Joint Efforts to Construction the BlueWater Bridge

The twinning project was a combined effort between American engineers, Modjeski & Masters and Canadian engineers, Buckland & Taylor Ltd. Due to each country’s manufacturing differences, the American engineers used six beams for each segment for the approaches while the Canadians used three box girders per segment. Despite this, the differing approach spans are identical from the side view. The second three-lane bridge, just south of the first bridge, opened on July 22, 1997.

Catering Services in Sarnia Ontario

catering server sarnia

Can you think of anything better than a party with really good food or drink? Me neither! Catering your next event will leave you with less stress and will be sure to wow your guests.
Whether you are looking to cater a wedding or your Son’s next birthday party, Sarnia offers many incredible catering services to help make your day unforgettable. Most of the catering professionals in the area have brick and mortar restaurants or cafes, too.

Are You Looking For A Personal Touch?

Personal Touch Eatery and Catering, a trusted Sarnia caterer, has been in business for 12 years. Open 10:30-5:30, their location seats up to 12, offering a smaller menu for a quick bite to eat or contact them to cater your next event. Chef Paresh has an outstanding reputation in the Sarnia area as he goes above and beyond with his flavourful meals and locals are raving over his extensive flavours of hummus. He is even known to come to your kitchen and cook a 3 course meal for you and your family.

Grind Catering Services, Located Downtown Sarnia

The Grind Cafe and Catering located on 265 Front Street North, offers an in-house cafe, where they serve breakfast, salads and sandwiches. Additionally, looking to eliminate every hiccup that accompanies event planning, The Grind cafe also offers private event planning which includes food and catering, decor and music and event staff. The location includes a private Gateway Room, where you can book your event overlooking the St. Clair River. Rental includes ceremony, tables and chairs, security and parking. The gateway Room is unique to The Grind Cafe and is sure to amaze all your guests.

Leave the bride and groom in good hands with Copper Kettle Catering and Tent Rental, located at 900 Vidal. Striving to “make your special day even better!” Copper Kettle will decorate and cater your event up to 2500 people! They also offer tent rentals, willing to build a special occasion tent at your venue from 200-6000 square feet.

Many Corporate Catering Options

Lunches are often difficult to plan, and when you’re in charge of catering a company meeting you want to make sure to have options to please the entire staff. Many Sarnia restaurants offer a catering special including; Pita Pit, Mucho Burrito and GP Catering and Panini Grill. Pitas, burritos and paninis are great for larger groups because you can customize a wider variety, guaranteeing to have an option to please everyone in the room! Catering a corporate meeting will leave your employees attentive and excited to see what’s for lunch during the meeting.

Whether you are looking for someone to cook in your home or help plan your wedding from food to decor. No matter the occasion, Sarnia catering options will definitely fit your needs! Catering an event is sure to be a hassle free experience for the host and create an exciting atmosphere for your guests. Many catering companies also offer a licensed bar service! What’s better than drinks and a bartender? Let someone else worry about the meals and leave time for yourself to focus on the important tasks like socializing with your guests and simply enjoying the event!

Local Favourite Breakfast Places in Sarnia

Deciding on a spot in the Sarnia area to eat the most important meal of the day is one of the toughest decisions one can make. With some of the finest breakfast cooking around, Sarnia has many locations for all to grab some delicious grub. With that “home cooking” authenticity, the Sarnia breakfast scene will not disappoint those looking to leave with a full stomach without leaving a dent in your bank account.

Sarnia’s Breakfast Places for Tourists

Delivering some of the most delicious breakfast cuisine, The Cromwell Grill is located in the heart of downtown at 137 Cromwell Street, Sarnia. This establishment has been serving out arguably the best breakfast in the area for over 25 years. With their hours set from 7:00am – 7:30pm, seven days a week, this place will serve those looking for breakfast all day (and night)! The staff will perfectly adjust your order to any way you would like it. Nothing is to out of bounds!


With their kindhearted and cherished staff, you will feel like you just rolled out of bed and are eating breakfast right in your own home.

You can find another all-day-breakfast spot just a little down the road at the Village Gardens Restaurant. The 128 East Street (N), Sarnia joint will serve you up with some of the best bacon and egg combos one can find on any plate. This place will serve you breakfast between the hours of 7:00am – 9:30pm Saturday through Wednesday and 7:30am – 9:30pm Thursday and Friday. Giving you an assortment of options to choose from, this place will feed you some of the tastiest breakfast. While going later in the day, the establishment is also licensed to serve alcohol, giving you a little bit of a different option rather than coffee.

Whether you’re coming through Sarnia to skip across the bridge to The States or coming in to participate in our annual Silver Stick hockey tournament, these are some places that can guarantee you top-of-the-line service all while making sure you are treated as family.

The Places In Sarnia To Eat Breakfast for Seniors

MATCH Eatery & Public House has set up shop in the newly named Gateway Casino in Point Edward. MATCH is a modernized pub that offers a classical menu with a contemporary twist to all their dishes. Gateway Casino has recently undergone renovations that fully encapsulate the modernized casino scene. With their hours set from 10:00am – 2:00am, you can assure yourself that their food will leave you full for you to test your luck at the tables at any point throughout the day.

A Choice of Sarnia Hotels Near Gateway Casino

gateway casino sarnia

Point Edward’s Gateway Casino offers big-city entertainment with its slots and gaming tables while offering a picturesque view of the St. Clair River. Many Sarnia residence frequent Gateway for an evening of fun with friends, bachelor/bachelorette parties or a simple afternoon away from the kids. It’s a good way to blow off steam, have a little fun, enjoy some great food and ideally, even win a little money!

Of course, Sarnia residence have the luxury of hailing a cab home after an evening of indulgence at Sarnia’s entertainment hub. A night of indulgence at the Casino for out-of-towners means a search for a good night’s sleep after a few too many while trying your luck at black-jack. If you’re looking for place to rest your head near the Sarnia Casino, look no further, we have you covered.

Sarnia Hotel Options near the Gateway Casino

There is no shortage of accommodation choices when looking for a hotel near the casino in Sarnia. Located on Venetian Boulevard, just down the road from the Casino, Gateway visitors run into three different options for accommodations: Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, Hampton Inn by Hilton, and Best Western Plus Guildwood Inn. These three hotels are 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3kms away from Gateway Casino, located at 1498, 1492 and 1400 Venetian Blvd respectively. All three hotels are great options for Gateway visitors, offering proximity, free parking, free Wi-Fi and great guest reviews. These Sarnia hotels near casino often boast deals and discounted prices as well. See here for more information on the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, or the Best Western Plus Guildwood Inn.

Downtown Sarnia Hotel Options

Looking for a place near the casino, but also want a hotel closer to downtown? The Comfort Inn has you covered, located at 815 Mara St in Sarnia, the Comfort Inn is 1.8kms from Gateway Casino, but also enjoys proximity to Christina street, home to many of Sarnia’s restaurants, coffee shops and bars.
Prefer to be closer to the downtown action while maintaining proximity to the Casino? Quality Inn would be your best choice. Located directly on Christina street, at 751 Christina, bars and restaurants are a quick drive up the road, while the Casino is still only 1.9 kms away. If you prefer to spend your money at the Casino rather than on a night’s hotel, Sarnia hotels near casino provides a more cost-effective choice in the Chipican Motel (now closed).

Located at 1144 Christina St, the Chipican is 2.0 kms from the Casino. With rates as low as $58 per night, the Chipican allows guests the opportunity to save some money on accommodations, in favour of spending it elsewhere on entertainment.

If you’re more interested in going the motel route for your Casino trip, Sarnia’s Super 8 also enjoys relative proximity to the Casino. Located at 420 Christina St., Super 8 is 2.3 kms from Gateway. See here for a full list of Sarnia motels.

Any of these Sarnia hotels near the casino are great options for a night’s sleep after enjoying a night of fun. If you’re looking for quality, cleanliness and service, Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, the Hampton Inn by Hilton, or Best Western Plus Guildwood Inn are the top choices.

Amenities and Points at Sarnia Hotels

All three rank highly in guest reviews, offer indoor pools, and have on-site restaurants allowing guests an opportunity to load up on eggs and toast before hitting the road the next morning. If you’d rather just a quick place to crash for the night, Chipican (now closed) and Super 8 Motel are cheap options that will provide a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head before you hit the road in the morning. Whatever your accommodation choice, Sarnia has made sure there are plenty of hotel options available near the Casino.

Now that you know where you’ll be staying for the night, all you have worry about is, red or black?

We Cover The Sarnia Indian Food Restaurants

indian food in sarnia

When looking for authentic cuisine from different cultures, one often assumes Sarnia, Ontario’s restaurant choices are lacking in diversity. Have a sophisticated palate that longs for the rich and spicy delicacies of Indian? Have a tandoori chicken craving you can’t seem to satisfy? Sarnia Indian food options are sure to awaken your taste buds.

The Rundown: Sarnia Indian Food

Sitara Indian Cuisine located at 1306 London Rd is open seven days a week to meet all your Indian food needs. Open daily from 11am to 2pm and 4:30 to 9pm, you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine three times a day if you wish. Boasting an expansive menu of various Indian delicacies, providing vegetarian choices and the option to make certain dishes gluten or dairy free, Sitara has seen to it that dietary restrictions will not limit enjoyment of a meal at their establishment.

Sitara has taken it a step further, offering take-out and delivery options; you can place your order online or over the phone and enjoy Indian Food anywhere in Sarnia. If you’re throwing a party or special event and are stressed about food choices, Sitara has you covered with their catering choices. Blow guests away by serving authentic Indian Food over the traditional pizza or boring finger foods at your next event. If you prefer pizza, go here for a list of Sarnia pizza places, or check out our Top Ten Restaurants in Sarnia.

Sarnia Indian Food is not limited to one place. People looking for the spice palate that only India can offer can also visit Spice ‘N’ Ice at 1095 London Rd. Although lacking a functioning website, Spice ‘N’ Ice’s reputation in Sarnia is one of quality and value and is definitely a must try for those in search of East Indian flavours.

Royal Taj, previously known as Warraich Bar & Grill is perhaps the lesser known Sarnia Indian Food choice; however, it is not to be discounted. Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 10pm and Sunday, 11am to 9pm, your East Indian food desires are satisfied seven days a week with Royal Taj. Also boasting an expansive menu, vegetarian choices and a few special take-out options Royal Taj meets Sarnia residence Indian Food needs. For additional take-out restaurants in Sarnia visit here. Looking for a catering option? Taking a page from Sitara’s book, Royal Taj promises catering options coming soon.

Three Sarnia Indian Restaurants and Hoping for More

All three Sarnia Indian Food restaurants have a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Perfect for both casual date nights or a dinner out with the kids. If your mouth is watering for butter chicken or your taste buds are bored of the North American spice palates, Indian cuisine is an excellent choice to excite your senses. Do yourself a favour, throw your taste buds a party; spice up weekly meals by visiting one of Sarnia’s Indian Food restaurant choices. Order from the spicy side of the menu and never be grasping at straws for what to eat on a Wednesday night again. These three Sarnia Indian Food restaurants are sure to leave patrons wanting more. I’m sure now that you know delivery is available you’re already opening a new tab to place an order for Chicken Vindaloo. Netflix and Indian Food, a perfect evening in!

The Options For Sarnia Restaurants on the Water

sarnia ontario restaurant on water

Sarnia, Ontario is defined by its location along the picturesque St. Clair river. A mecca for water sports, people watching, or simply enjoying the view, a visit to the waterfront is a must in the summer time, or any time. What better way to enjoy the views than to visit Sarnia restaurants on the water.

If you’re looking to impress your date with a romantic restaurant and gorgeous views, or simply looking to enjoy a pint on a patio overlooking the St. Clair river there is no shortage of Sarnia restaurants on the water. In fact, the majority of Sarnia’s Best Restaurants are close to the waterfront.

The Rundown: Restaurants on the Water in Sarnia, ON

Stokes Bay Grill & Bar is a pillar of the Sarnia community; located on Sarnia Bay at 485 Harbour Rd, Stokes offers great traditional pub fair and is an excellent place to partake in a drink on the patio while enjoying a view of the bay. Often featuring live entertainment Stokes is a go-to spot any night of the week.
Alternate Grounds Dockside allows guests to enjoy dishes like lobster mac n’ cheese or chicken and waffles while sitting right on the water’s edge of Sarnia Bay. Located at 97 Seaway Rd, Dockside’s bay-side location allows diners to feel as though they’ve been transported to the coast of Maine. With the sunshine high, the breeze light and seagulls dancing in the sky, the blue water of the bay highlights all the beauty Sarnia has to offer while the menu offers hearty options reminiscent of Grandma’s home-cooking with a seaside twist. Also home to live music and events, Dockside makes for an excellent dinning experience or a great spot for cocktail hour with friends. See here for a full list of Sarnia bars.

Paddy Flaherty’s has a Great Patio

At 130 Seaway Rd, Paddy Flaherty’s is another Sarnia restaurant on the water. Featuring pub food and plenty of pints Paddy Flaherty’s is an excellent place to relax with friends and enjoy a view of the bay. Featuring live music every Friday and Saturday at 9:30pm, Paddy Flaherty’s is the perfect summer weekend hot spot. What better way to unwind from a long work week then to enjoy a few brews and live tunes by the water. If you’re in search of summer entertainment, see here for a full list of Sarnia events.
Purdy’s Fish Market is Sarnia’s best kept secret.

Purdy’s Fish Market offers Fresh Catch

It’s a prime example of a Sarnia restaurant on the water and, as locals know, Purdy’s is the place to be if you’re in search of great fish and chips. What makes it so delicious? Its strongly believed that the riverfront view adds to the flavour. Knowing your fish was freshly caught from the depths of the blue waters below makes this fish market an unparalleled outdoor dining experience. You haven’t experienced Sarnia until you’ve had fish and chips at Purdy’s. Tucked away at 1 River Front St. in Point Edward, this place is a must for any diner.

The Casino Pairs Entertainment and Dining

Currently in the throws of a major overall, Gateway Casino promises to offer a new dining experience that capitalizes on its prime Sarnia waterfront location. The new restaurant is said to boast views of the water from inside the eatery and will also have an outdoor patio option for patrons. The current Gateway restaurant has views of the water from certain tables that allow the occasional diner to enjoy the site of passing ships. That is soon to change, allowing all patrons a prime view of Sarnia’s pride and joy, the St. Clair river.

No matter which of these locations you choose to grab a bite and a pint at this summer, the tranquil views of Sarnia Bay or the blue waters of the St. Clair river are guaranteed show-stoppers.

Established Pizza Places in Sarnia Ontario

sarnia pizza options

Whether you are looking for a classic pizza the whole family would love, or dining in for a taste of some specialty pizza, Sarnia Ontario has a countless number of great quality pizza options.

Classic Options vs Local Pizza Places In Sarnia Ontario

Let’s divide the options into two: Classic Pizza, and Specialty Pizza. Classic Pizza is considered to be pizza joints that are located in nearly every city. They are a great option and trusted by the entire family — a good plan when you can’t decide on other restaurants Sarnia has to offer. Whereas, specialty pizza options are Sarnia’s own pizza joints. These are particularly favoured by those looking for something extra special in their pizza as well as a great atmosphere.

Sarnia’s classic, corporate pizza options include:

Pizza hut
Boston Pizza
Little Caesars

Boston Pizza and Pizza Hut, located on either side of Lambton Mall, are great places to host birthday parties or simply treat the family to some fun. If you are looking for options to please even the pickiest of eaters, Boston Pizza offers many options besides strictly pizza, such as pasta, burgers, salads and even gluten free options! Pizza Hut offers a $4.99 lunch buffet, where you can grab endless pizza, pasta and salad with the purchase of a drink. Little Caesars is also a great option to pick up or order for delivery, but make sure you grab some Stuffed Crazy Bread too, we promise you will love it.

Sarnia’s Local, Specialty pizza options include:

As far as specialty options, Sarnia offers a handful of choices. These options are locally owned, made with quality ingredients.

Specialty/Local Options
Giersi’s pizza factory
Christos pizza and burgers
Firenze’s pizza
Sissio’s place
Shokas pizza co.
Enzo’s pizza
Milanio’s pizzeria and subs
Rondos pizza plus sarnia
Napoli pizza
Bread-man pizza, pasta and cafe
zZas Pizza Bistro

zZa’s Pizza Bistro, is located downtown Sarnia at 170 Christina Street, along St. Clair river. Open until 11:00 pm on weekends, It is a great option for a date night out on the town, or just somewhere to catch a bite to eat after work. ZZa’s Pizza Bistro is a great place for a bite to eat before spending the night out on the town. Additionally, zZa’s offers a takeout menu and an online order delivery. Locals are especially loving their their savoury sauce and tapas.

What’s the Most Loved Pizza Places in Sarnia Ontario?

Shoka’s Pizza Co. located at 580 Murphy Road offers a taste of Italian street food made with fresh ingredients! Their menu includes pizza, pasta, calzone and more! Rumour has it, this is the Sarnia’s favoured pizza joint due to the warm atmosphere and inviting staff. Shoka’s Pizza is not afraid to load their pizzas with toppings, leaving the locals to rave over their deep dish pizza. Locals also suggest their braised beef ravioli as an incredible pasta option.

Sarnia is scattered with many pizza places, guaranteed to fulfill every pizza dream you have!
Whether you are looking to pick up a pizza on the way home from work or try something new with a significant other, we promise you will not be disappointed with Sarnia’s wide variety of specialty and classic pizzas. If you want more dining options for Sarnia, browse our top 10 list.

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