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About Sarnia Living

After years of travelling and exploring various cities, we came back to our home in Sarnia Lambton County and thought, “Sarnia is a great city but isn’t moving quite as fast as the other places we’ve been. What are we missing here?” And then it hit us, Sarnia’s online community is behind. 

Fast forward a few months, and the concept of Sarnia Living caught on— a hub that promotes businesses and charity and connects the people with the companies they know or don’t. Our team aims to keep local at the front of your mind and encourage you to stand by our community during these difficult times.

Local Marketing

Providing 360-degree online services for local businesses in Sarnia Lambton County.

The Community

Giving back through charity work and giving value to the residents of the local community.

Supporting the online community of Sarnia - Lambton County


Our Online Mission

Sarnia living highlights the benefits of living in a city on Lake Huron’s shores; the people, the places, and the businesses. Sarnia is a place to be proud of and a beautiful place to call home. Together we can make Lambton County’s online community a reflection of what we cherish about this place.


Sarnia Living is an online space for Sarnia residents looking to connect with local companies or find upcoming events and news. With an audience of 70,000 people online, Sarnia Living’s goal is to make local top-of-mind and share everything that Sarnia has to offer in one place.

Browse the directory, the news, or check out our Facebook Page. If you’re a business owner, apply for the BEST OF company pages to be featured as a leader in your industry.


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