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Explore our carefully curated list of the best Golf Courses in Sarnia-Lambton. Sarnia Living's dedicated to finding business owners that provide the local community with a great product or service. We research and reach out to businesses that have a trustworthy reputation and above average leadership.
Widder Station Golf

Widder Station is the perfect venue for anyone who loves golf, especially if you’re looking to play some in Lambton County. The beautiful 18 hole course provides enough variety that even experienced players will find an interesting challenge on every hole!

If it’s just family time with friends or taking care of business meetings while enjoying a meal together–Widder staion has what ever your heart desires right outside their doors – all visible through one big window behind our Tap House bar where they have over 18 local breweries tap so guests can enjoy delicious foods such as wings & sandwiches alongside great drinks selection too

Sarnia Golf & Curling Club

The first nine-hole course in Sarnia was laid out by a few enthusiasts in 1907. The only rule was that once you played on one green, it became your duty to smooth out any footprints from previous players with carpet fastened brick pavers!

They also hung their coats behind “Sarnia Wollen Mills” sign at corner Christina & Exmouth streets–the theft of favourite pipe and tobacco pouch eventually led construction for new clubhouse which opened officially April 30th 1910
In those early days there were no courses outside city limits so locals had plenty opportunities too enjoy this great game

Sand Hills Golf Club

We at GolfNorth know how much you love to play golf. That is why our goal here at G North Enterprises, Pty Ltd., in partnering with all of those who share this passion for the beautiful game has been one that can best accommodate your needs and desires when it comes down selecting an experience from among many great ones available through us!

Whether just looking around on some greens once every day during prime time hours—or bringing out clubs once a year outside where everyone knows what really counts as “playing” –we’ve got something perfect waiting inside each option presented before ya’ll; whether wanting monthly membership payments

Huron Oaks Golf Course

Huron Oaks is a popular golf course in Lambton County, Ontario. It’s been home to the Canadian Tour’s Bayer Championship and 2003 Masters Champion Mike Weir played here before turning professional as well!

Come play our 18-hole championship course which has both single player options for those who want privacy or something more social with others around them – there are no wrong shots when you’re out on one of ours greens measuring 7230 yards long from sea level up past 125 feet altitude where some trees even come into play…

Kingswell Glen Golf Club

Kingswell Glen is more than just a golf course. It’s also home to an inviting clubhouse where you can celebrate life’s many milestones with friends and family members alike!

We want our community space at KingsWellGolf Course provide connection, nurturing environment for people that will make them feel welcome no matter their needs or interests–whether they come in search of some fun on one specific sport like we do here; play multiple courses during each trip through town due its diverse landscape offer opportunities ranging far beyond anything else offered within Petrolia !

Indian Hills Golf Club

Indian Hills Golf Club is a one-of the kind facility. We have everything you need for your golfing experience, including an onsite Pro Shop with great prices and service that will make it hard to leave! If food isn’t enough then stop by our restaurant where we offer delicious cuisine suited specifically towards everyone’s taste buds; whether they prefer Indian or Western dishes (or both!). For those late night players out there looking at ways improve their game while still getting some exercise–our driving range offers unlimited opportunities…

St. Clair Parkway Golf Course

If you’re looking for a great golfing experience with picturesque views, then look no further than The Parkway. With huge greens and manicured fairways it’s easy to see why this course has been earning awards since its inception in 1972!

Located just minutes from London on the St Clair River – along side some gorgeous scenery that will make your scorecard feel like new turf- we offer 5 sets (6) different tee blocks so everyone can play their favorite position at our Championship Design 18 hole layout featuring 6720 yards of beauty !

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