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Explore our carefully curated list of the best Denture Clinics in Sarnia-Lambton. Sarnia Living's dedicated to finding business owners that provide the local community with a great product or service. We research and reach out to businesses that have a trustworthy reputation and above average leadership.
Feige Denture Clinics

We know that having dentures is not easy. You want them to fit just right, so you can show off your smile and feel confident in public or at work every day – but sometimes they don’t cooperate! Luckily for all of our patients who are struggling with their current full headgear solutions (or even if it’s only one missing molar), The Feige Denture Clinics have been around since 1972 providing excellent care on both sides: during visits when adjustments need made; as wellas aftermarket supply services such a custom-made replacements by professional experts ready within 5 business days upon request

Sarnia Denture Care

Our qualified denturists have over 14 years experience offering complete or partial dentures as well as implant-retained teeth. You’ll be able restore your confidence in just one day with our same day repairs service that can help fix any misaligned gaps between teeth – no matter how small they may seem at first glance.

We work hard so you can be proud of your smile! Come see us today, we need more patients like you on board with our mission statement: To deliver excellent customer service in order for everyone who walks through those doors feel welcome; it’s what drives me every day as an employee here – because that feeling starts from within & becomes something beautiful when shared amongst others.”

Kurt Fuoco Denture Clinic

Growing up in Wallaceburg, ON gave Kurt a strong foundation for his future career as he learned to care and respect others from an early age. He later moved with family to Chatham where his parents worked at different banks – but not before teaching me the importance of taking good customer service into my own hands!

Kurt spent most formative years living near Toronto (he attended school there) which made it easy access when looking into post-secondary options; though ultimately decided on Niagara College because they offered great programs. A complementary consultation is available with Kurt Fuoco Denture Clinic that will assess your denture needs and provide tailored treatment options and price quotes for each

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