If you’re traveling with children during the hot summer months, a hotel with a pool is definitely at the top of your list of requirements. Hotel pools offer a great way to cool-off, entertain (or wear out) your children after a day’s activities, or get your morning laps in before you start your day. Luckily, Sarnia has a selection of hotels with pools to meet all your needs.

The Best Western Plus Guildwood Inn, located on Venetian Boulevard, boasts an outdoor seasonal pool. Open May to September, this pool is an excellent way to appreciate the Sarnia summers. Enjoying water games with your children at the pool is an awesome way to build memories and take your family vacation to the next level. Or, you can simply let the kids play and enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself.

A List of Sarnia Hotels With A Pool

As of publication, they include:
Best Western Plus Guildwood Inn
Holiday Inn Sarnia Hotel & Conference Centre
Hampton Inn by Hilton
Bluewater Motel
Twin Lakes Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Holiday Inn Sarnia Hotel & Conference Centre, also located on Venetian Boulevard, is home to two swimming pools! An indoor pool is open all year round for guest enjoyment or exercise while an outdoor pool allows guests to soak up the sun during the warmer months. These pool options are a great way to blow off steam after a conference, enjoy some family fun, or cool-off after a state-side shopping trip. For details on hotels near the Blue Water bridge go here.

Hampton Inn by Hilton, again on Venetian Boulevard, has a sleek, modern indoor pool that guests can enjoy year-round. This luxury pool offers a perfect retreat for visitors in need of some tranquility that only a water feature can offer.

Bluewater Motel, located on London Line, provides an outdoor seasonal pool for the budget-conscious traveller still looking to enjoy a swim. For other budget-conscious accommodations, see here for a full list of Sarnia Motels.

Twin Lakes Retreat Bed & Breakfast, located on Errol Road is the perfect romantic escape, or an ideal location for a solo trip. This Bed and Breakfast pulls out all the stops, with a gorgeous outdoor pool for visitors to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to feel like you’ve enjoyed a luxury vacation without ever having to leave the city.

Sarnia Hotel Pools Are Second Best To The Beach

With all that Sarnia has to offer, especially during the summer months, these Sarnia hotels with pools offer families a great way to spend time in the water. Staying at a hotel that has a pool allows parents a bit of a reprieve from their rambunctious children; allowing kids to burn their energy playing marco-polo or imagine beating Michael Phelps for gold. Hotel Pools also offer a great way for teams to cool-off after a long game and celebrate their win, or simply allow couples time to relax by the water and soak their feet after a day exploring.

Find yourself in Sarnia for business, or an extended stay? Swimming laps is excellent exercise and a great way to start your morning. A pool also offers hotel guests the opportunity to complete water aerobics, a great low-impact exercise to get your heart pumping after a long day at the office. Stress relief, exercise, relaxation or play, these Sarnia hotels with pools gives guests the perfect opportunity to enjoy their stay, whether in the summer or all year round!