Restaurants in Sarnia Ontario patio

For a City of seventy thousand people, Sarnia has an extensive list of options for eating out. From Indian to Sushi, and pub grub to Mexican, there’s multiple establishments offering competitive cuisine and it’s up to the guest to choose the setting. The two busy areas where most locals venture to have dinner are Downtown Sarnia and London Road (French Fries under the Blue Water Bridge are always an honourable outcast worth mentioning). There are other singular operations such as Maison St-Aubin’s French cuisine on Lakeshore Road (North side of the city), or Big Fish on London Line (also known as the Golden Mile).

Restaurants in Sarnia Near The Water

There’s two types of patrons that visit Sarnia Restaurants: there’s the local population and there’s the tourists and temporary visitors. As the gorgeous waterfront offers some of the best scenery on the coast of Lake Huron or the St. Clair River, it tends to attract people during the warm months. These people need to eat. A few down town establishments are a close walk from Centennial Park, and there is also a cluster of three restaurants on the opposite side of the park. Paddy Flaherty’s and Stokes By The Bay have always been popular when patio season hits. Paddy’s offers live entertainment and attracts bands from all over to play indoors or on their patio in the summertime. The third place is located right on the marina, and they have an excellent breakfast menu. Alternate Grounds Dockside has a nice patio overlooking the marina and visitors and boat owners frequent this spot.

On the right day you can’t go wrong with any of those patios….

The Downtown Sarnia Restaurant Circuit

With the facelift the downtown core is receiving these days – new stores and eating establishments popping up – you really have a good selection to choose from. Busy nights to watch out for are the First Fridays of each month (unless crowds and community are your thing), and nights when the Imperial Theatre has a live performance. Typically the window between 5-745 are peak times during then, as theatre-goers are having a pre-show beverage and meal.

Are All Restaurants on Skip the Dishes?

With the advent of Skipthedishes to the city, a food delivery ordering service, it allows locals to enjoy dine-in food quality at home. As this list continues to expands, it will be interesting how restaurants manage the influx of take-out. Overall I think it is a positive for the restaurant owners.

Sarnia Restaurants with Entertainment

As mentioned above, Alternate Grounds Dockside’s patio is not only good for a pint and meal, but they have local acoustic sets occasionally to serenade your ears. Ups and Downs on Front street have open mic sessions and bands come through… and other downtown spots turn into a venue very once in a while. To keep up to speed on the upcoming events check out the establishment’s website or our Events section. The Station is now closed, a long-running venue for live bands and music. There has yet to be a place to step up and replace the calibre of talent booking and music entertainment.