The Rudiments Getting Fit and Staying Healthy

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The Rudiments Getting Fit and Staying Healthy _ Sarnia Lambton

Everyone wants to have that body that looks great on the beach, but not everyone understands what it takes to achieve and maintain that level of fitness. Many people assume it is an impossible dream and quit too soon. The truth is that there is no miracle pill solution that will grant you that dream body overnight. But, with a little persistence and guidance, you too can have the body you really want.

Here are some of the basics to keep in mind.

1. Persistence

You don’t have to press 300 lbs. or do a million squats before breakfast. The important thing to remember is that staying fit is not “hard” but it is consistent and it must be disciplined. If you have decided to commit to a workout, do it without exception. But, it helps to choose an exercise program you will absolutely love. You want to feel challenged and invigorated when you finish, not depleted and defeated.

2. Consider your CORE –ALWAYS

You could be sitting in traffic, bored to death in a board meeting, or waiting in line at the grocery store. This is a perfect time to target the tummy-tummy with some focused ab work. Hold your abs tight and maintain this tension all day long. This is more effective than doing 50 sit-ups three times a week. By simply maintaining proper posture, your core will be strengthened and you will have the form needed when it comes time to hit the beach.

3. Posture & Form

It begins with the core! You will want to get to the point that every motion you make is made from the belly-button. “Contemplate the navel” is a thing you will learn in intense Ashtanga Yoga, but it applies to life. After this, begin pulling the shoulders back a bit, control your arms and keep them firmly in position when you walk, and pick up your heels for Pete’s sake. When you put your foot down touch lightly with the heel first before shifting your weight to the ball of your foot. Now those are some sexy moves!

Feel the burn! Love the burn! But, never sacrifice form! _ Sarnia Lambton

4. Counting is Essential

It is important to count reps and series while you are working out. Try these different ways, if going from 1 up is frustrating, try counting down. But, if you are hardcore and want to push yourself to the limits every time, don’t even start counting until you feel like you can’t do one more rep. Honestly, that is where the magic happens. Feel the burn! Love the burn! But, never sacrifice form!

5. Plan your Workouts Around Your Life

Machines may look like the way to go and they are a great supplement for any workout program. But, you will want to choose an exercise program suited to your lifestyle. Remember you will get just as good exercise playing volleyball, practicing yoga, biking, swimming, jogging hiking, dancing and even deep cleaning the house (if you do it right). Consider what your goals are before you even begin.

6. Make it Easy to Win

You will make it much harder on yourself if you do not plan to win. Planning to win means setting up your life around your exercise plans and goals. If you don’t eat right, sleep right or prepare your gym bag faithfully, you just gave yourself three reasons to NOT workout. Set yourself up for the win by throwing your life behind your goals for fitness.

So there you have six essential tips for getting fit fast. While your dreams will be to look great at the beach, this should not be your final goal. Your goals should be to build a new life and lifestyle. If you really want a new body, you better start making the daily sacrifice – that’s human sacrifice – right now! The price for a new body? Your old body!

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