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If you currently live in Sarnia and are thinking of selling, or downsizing, there is good news.  It is definitely a sellers market in Sarnia. With many looking to buy, the demand for homes in Sarnia is high and there currently isn’t enough houses on the market to meet the demand.  Economics 101 teaches us that this clearly means prices for existing house are increasing. Economics never lies, current sellers are experiencing multiple offers that often lead to bidding wars that result in sales way above asking price.


With the building of the new Nova plant set to commence, Lambton College’s student body ever expanding and retirees from larger cities flocking to Sarnia for its prime water-front location the demand for prime real estate in our beloved city is only set to increase, while inventory struggles to keep up.  With new housing plots lacking, and people not moving the housing shortage is a real concern.

The good news?  If you are looking to sell, chances are you’ll sell fast.  If you want top dollar for your property talk to a real estate agent to see what repairs, upkeep or renovations you should invest in.  Small changes and upgrades can make all the difference. Of course, there are always the tips and tricks to selling. Professional photos are a must, avoid clutter and stag your house to look clean, crisp and inviting.  Getting a real estate agent to walk through your house for an opinion can mean thousands of dollars difference in a sale.

If you’re planning to move within Sarnia be sure you have your new location locked-down prior to the sale of your existing house.  The current market dictates that the short stint moving back into your old room at your parents house with your family will last a little longer than anticipated if you haven’t already purchased something.

What does all of this mean?  If you are thinking of selling, jump on the opportunity now.  Chances are you’ll get exactly what you’re asking, if not more, in short order.   If you’re looking to buy? Get ready to crack your wallet, you’re in for a long search that will probably end in a bidding war.


Why Sarnia?

With the cost of living on the rise across Canada, no one is getting hit harder than the large city centers; this coupled with the overpopulation of large cities has people fleeing to smaller cities and towns.  This begs the question, why not Sarnia?

Sarnia, ON is a small city with a small-town feel.  Located at the mouth of Lake Huron on the edge of the St. Clair River, waterfront properties are a-plenty and highly sought after.  Surrounded by nature, Pinery Provincial Park is a short drive away, the days of itching to get out of the city are long gone. With its bustling downtown core, unique shops, plenty of restaurants, and vibrant nightlife and art culture Sarnia has the perks of both city and country living without the price-tags or isolation of either.

Relocating to this gem on the water is a draw for not only retirees, but families alike.  Raising children in Sarnia, ON has many benefits over raising children in the city. There are plenty of excellent, family friendly neighbourhoods with great school districts for families to choose from.  Children have the luxury of growing up in a tight-knit community reminiscent of a small town, with the draws of many the activities, clubs and groups that city-life has to offer. Swimming lessons, Karat, dance, gymnastics, house-league sports, and many clubs are all available within the city.

One of the many perks of Sarnia living is the lack of traffic.  Sure, there are busy hours, such as any city, but you will not find yourself sitting in traffic for hours on end waiting to get home at the end of a busy day.  Everything in Sarnia is easily accessible, a short 20-minute drive will take you from one end of the city to the other. No more planning for extensive travel times, or lengthy commutes.  Another excellent perk is the transit system. A bus pass in Sarnia will take you anywhere you need to go, without the hefty price tag of large-city passes.

Not sold yet?  Consider this, the price of a small condo in the big cities will set you back anywhere from 200,000 to upwards of 600,000 for a tiny piece of square footage to call your own.  Moving to Sarnia with the same price-range gives you an entire house. Square footage, yard space, great views, included parking, no noisy upstairs neighbours, no late-night fire alarms, no crammed or broken elevators, all these luxuries can be yours to enjoy if you choose Sarnia as your new home-base.   Home to many bustling, vibrant neighbourhoods, our beloved city offers quality homes for any budget. Marble countertops, a gourmet kitchen and beautiful yard space for kids and pet are all a reality for Sarnia residence.

What is Sarnia like?

Sarnia is a community that greatly enjoys, and has flourished, thanks to its prime waterfront location.  Rather than navigating the sweaty, grimy streets of a bustling city during the hot summer weekends, residents enjoy the peace, tranquility and allure of the great outdoors.  Home to many parks and gardens, Sarnians can enjoy outdoor living without having to leave the heart of the city. Feel like a hike, visit Pinery Provincial Park to truly become one with nature.  In the mood to take to the water? Cantera beach is right in Sarnia, or take a drive and enjoy the beach at the Pinery or Grand Bend. Launch your boat, that’s right- your boat, and head down the picturesque St. Clair river.  Boating, sailing, seadooing, wakeboarding, and float-downs: these are all a part of regular summer living for people in Lambton county.

Is Sarnia a good place to retire?

The city at the heart of Lambton county has recently implemented an Age-Friendly initiative.  The Age-Friendly program was founded to create a healthy, accessible, accepting and friendly environment for people of all ages through all aspects of the community: housing, outdoor space, buildings, transportation, respect and social inclusion, communication and information, social participation, community support and health services are just a few areas of concentration.  The goal of the Age-Friendly program is to elevate and improve our community in all areas to create an environment fit for people of all ages, a city where people are born, raised, and retire within the same safe, inclusive and accessible community.

If you’re considering a relocation, your search ends here.  Sarnia is not merely a stop along your life’s journey; this is a place to plant roots, build a foundation, watch your children grow into young adults and raise your grandchildren in the same neighbourhood you fell in-love with.  Sarnia is not a place to pass through, it’s a place to call home.

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