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Established Pizza Places in Sarnia Ontario

Whether you are looking for a classic pizza the whole family would love, or dining in for a taste of some specialty pizza, Sarnia Ontario has a countless number of great quality pizza options.

Classic Options vs Local Pizza Places In Sarnia Ontario

Let’s divide the options into two: Classic Pizza, and Specialty Pizza. Classic Pizza is considered to be pizza joints that are located in nearly every city. They are a great option and trusted by the entire family — a good plan when you can’t decide on other restaurants Sarnia has to offer. Whereas, specialty pizza options are Sarnia’s own pizza joints. These are particularly favoured by those looking for something extra special in their pizza as well as a great atmosphere.

Sarnia’s classic, corporate pizza options include:

Pizza hut
Boston Pizza
Little Caesars

Boston Pizza and Pizza Hut, located on either side of Lambton Mall, are great places to host birthday parties or simply treat the family to some fun. If you are looking for options to please even the pickiest of eaters, Boston Pizza offers many options besides strictly pizza, such as pasta, burgers, salads and even gluten free options! Pizza Hut offers a $4.99 lunch buffet, where you can grab endless pizza, pasta and salad with the purchase of a drink. Little Caesars is also a great option to pick up or order for delivery, but make sure you grab some Stuffed Crazy Bread too, we promise you will love it.

Sarnia’s Local, Specialty pizza options include:

As far as specialty options, Sarnia offers a handful of choices. These options are locally owned, made with quality ingredients.

Specialty/Local Options
Giersi’s pizza factory
Christos pizza and burgers
Firenze’s pizza
Sissio’s place
Shokas pizza co.
Enzo’s pizza
Milanio’s pizzeria and subs
Rondos pizza plus sarnia
Napoli pizza
Bread-man pizza, pasta and cafe
zZas Pizza Bistro

zZa’s Pizza Bistro, is located downtown Sarnia at 170 Christina Street, along St. Clair river. Open until 11:00 pm on weekends, It is a great option for a date night out on the town, or just somewhere to catch a bite to eat after work. ZZa’s Pizza Bistro is a great place for a bite to eat before spending the night out on the town. Additionally, zZa’s offers a takeout menu and an online order delivery. Locals are especially loving their their savoury sauce and tapas.

What’s the Most Loved Pizza Places in Sarnia Ontario?

Shoka’s Pizza Co. located at 580 Murphy Road offers a taste of Italian street food made with fresh ingredients! Their menu includes pizza, pasta, calzone and more! Rumour has it, this is the Sarnia’s favoured pizza joint due to the warm atmosphere and inviting staff. Shoka’s Pizza is not afraid to load their pizzas with toppings, leaving the locals to rave over their deep dish pizza. Locals also suggest their braised beef ravioli as an incredible pasta option.

Sarnia is scattered with many pizza places, guaranteed to fulfill every pizza dream you have!
Whether you are looking to pick up a pizza on the way home from work or try something new with a significant other, we promise you will not be disappointed with Sarnia’s wide variety of specialty and classic pizzas. If you want more dining options for Sarnia, browse our top 10 list.