For Places To Stay Sarnia Ontario Offers A Variety Of Choices

Sarnia, Ontario features many choices for lodging when on vacation. There are the usual stops, like the Hampton Inn, Best Western and Super 8. Yet there are those niche hotels, and there are also bed and breakfasts located on the outskirts of the biggest city in Lambton County. Are you ready to discover the best places to stay Sarnia Ontario has to offer?

The Insignia Hotel located at 283 North Christina Street is one of those choices. While it is an older hotel, it is a nice one and has everything you look for when booking lodging for your vacation. A continental breakfast is provided, and there is also a pool and a sauna. According to the reviews, this establishment is also known as the Drawbridge Inn. The downtown location of this hotel is also what makes it a great choice.

The London Line Motels is a Backup

Fauld’s Motel is a smaller place to book and features a more homely atmosphere. It’s something a little different than the chain hotels that are available. Located at 1675 London Lane, Fauld’s Motel is a nice option if you’re looking to keep it simple. There is no breakfast included with your stay, and there is no pool. Yet pets are allowed, and the booking price is said to be a great value. The motel is well managed according to the reviews.

As you are checking out places to stay Sarnia Ontario isn’t too far away from two popular bed and breakfast lodging options. One of them is Sheboane Bed and Breakfast, and the other is Twin Lakes Retreat Bed and Breakfast. There are other choices, too, but you might want to check those out first. The reason is that the other choices are a little further away. As it is, you aren’t in Sarnia when you stay at one of these two popular bed and breakfasts, but you do have options.

The Chipican Motel is Closed, Land to Be Developed

Chipican Motel is up next, it was a quaint and lovely little place located at 1144 Christina Street. Christina Street seems to feature the majority of hotels and motels that are within the city limits. You are likely used to seeing them in clusters, so that makes them easier to find. Yet you want to pick the best one, and this is one of the non-chain lodging options that you have available. Like Fauld’s Motel, Chipican Motel is about keeping it simple.

There is also the Palace Inn Motel, which is located at 1665 London Lane. The location puts you next to some great restaurants for starters. If you feel like having a barbecue instead, there is a gazebo and barbecue area that you can use, too, according to reviews. That sounds relaxing, but of course you’re mostly just looking for a comfortable place to stay while you see everything that Sarnia has to offer.

Sarnia Chain Hotels Are Closest to the 402 Highway

After you get done booking one of the best places to stay in Sarnia, you can start to familiarize yourself more with the area. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to do that a little prior to booking a hotel. The reason for that is you want to make sure you are going to be staying at a convenient location. That being said, if you book one of the bed and breakfasts, make sure you are willing to make your way into town from where you’re staying. It sure would be nice to be staying at a bed and breakfast though, don’t you think?

Yet one of those simpler motels also sounds like a plan. Then there are the chain hotels if you can’t resist. It is nice to discover all the places to stay that a city offers before you make a final decision. Now you know more about your lodging options in Sarnia, Ontario. If you like to golf, there is also the Forest Golf and Country Hotel not too far away from Sarnia. You will find other hotels and bed and breakfasts, too, but they are just over 20 miles away.

Take note of all of your lodging options, and then you can decide what’s best for you. It’s time to get your vacation planned and be on your way. Which of the hotels, motels or bed and breakfasts are you going to pick for your visit? When it comes to places to stay Sarnia Ontario offers plenty of choices.