7 Places To Eat Sarnia Ontario Residents Would Say Are The Best

The Imperial City as Sarnia, Ontario is known features quite a few restaurants. According to one travel site, there are 149 of them to be exact. From steak and seafood to pizza, Indian cuisine and more, Sarnia has something for everyone. Here are 7 of the best places to eat Sarnia Ontario residents and visitors alike can count on for a delicious meal.

Sitara Indian Cuisine features decadent dishes like lamb vindaloo, korean chicken and even vegan and vegetarian menu options. As for appetizers, the fish sizzler is said to be one of the best choices according to reviews. Sitara Indian Cuisine features a friendly staff and a very nice atmosphere, too. The madras lamb and the korma lamb are two other menu choices that are quite popular. The location for this restaurant is 1308 London Road.

If its pizza you’re looking for, Giresi’s Pizza Factory is the spot. Located at 146 East Street N, this pizza place is also a great option for vegans. Vegan cheese is a topping choice, and so is nutritional yeast. Yet meat lovers and all pizza lovers indeed are going to love this #1 ranked pizza restaurant in Sarnia, Ontario. If you’re in the mood for dessert, the cannolis are said to be superb.

Now it’s time for your steak and seafood options. Waggs Steak & Seafood is on Christina Street, and the restaurant certainly lives up to its name as a place to order up surf and turf. Enjoy prime rib, salmon and all kinds of other menu items, too, including escargot, crepes and salads. Are you a fish and chips person? If so, it comes highly recommended according to the reviews. If you have a large party, people say there is a private dining room that can be reserved, too.

The Ole Country Diner sounds like a relaxing place to enjoy a meal, right? When it comes to places to eat Sarnia Ontario residents know that this is one of the best. Stop on by Ole Country Diner at 1254 London Road, and enjoy the best breakfast you’ve had in a long time. You can also order up brunch, and the reviews point to a friendly staff. One of the most popular menu items is called the Original Boat. The eggs benedict is also a menu favorite.

Lola’s Lounge is located at 110 Christina Street S, and the pictures on a top travel site make the interior of the restaurant look rather lively. Reviews say Lola’s Lounge features a nice atmosphere. Some of the favorite menu items include a Thai hot pot, sweet potato fries and oysters rockefeller. The menu is a little different for sure, so this should be one unique dining experience that you’re not going to forget anytime soon.

John’s Restaurant is a good place to visit when looking for a delicious breakfast or brunch. The various sandwiches on the menu are part of the draw, but the place offers much more than that. The Greek omelette is said to be a favorite, and you don’t want to pass up the home fries. Everyone will find something they like at this place that features quite the eclectic menu to fit all tastes.

In regards to the best places to eat Sarnia Ontario residents also would point you to Selina’s South East Cafe. Located at 110 East Street S, this hidden gem serves up great food and features a great atmosphere. This is yet another wonderful option for either breakfast or brunch. Not only is the food delicious, but you get freshly-cut fruits according to reviews. If you’re looking for something a little different than typical western fare, Selina’s South East Cafe is certainly a great choice.

That’s 7 of the best restaurants located in Sarnia, Ontario. Remember, there are 149 to choose from. It is good that you know several of the best names so that you’re confident that a great meal awaits you and your family. What type of cuisine are you going with this time? This list of restaurants certainly features diverse choices, and so you have a range of options. Pick a spot that suits your taste buds, and expect an excellent dining experience when you arrive.