Sarnia's Local Businesses

Home to a comfortable 70,000 people, Sarnia Ontario’s local businesses are what helps make this city thrive. Many people make the decision to shop local because they know how purchasing local goods continually benefits the people of Sarnia while helping to support and boost their local economy. Often, people who don’t shop locally only do so because they don’t know where to find these hidden gems of businesses! That’s where we come in to help!

Sarnia Eateries Contributing to Local Business Owners

There are many reasons why individuals choose to shop local, but the most important being for ethical reasons. Consumers understand the importance of how shopping local helps the people within their community develop and grow a sustainable business. Overall, this process is both beneficial to the consumer and producer, because a higher quality product is created. For example, when shopping for food at the local butchers, bakers or markets, it is likely that a great deal of this produce has travelled a short journey from the field. Meaning, the food is almost guaranteed to be fresher and likely to contain more nutrients (as it does not need additives to keep it fresh through its travels!)

Some local eateries to consider include:


Williams Pastry Shop located at 850 Colborne Rd. Locals are raving about this place! Many say Williams Pastry Shop has the best cakes in town at an affordable price. But if you aren’t feeling cakes, be sure to try their dinner rolls, they are always fresh and are to die for!

Junior Bakery located at 165 Lochiel St is one of the only gluten free bakeries in the city. Not only does Junior bakery offer gluten free options but they are absolutely delicious!


Greens Organic Cafe and Market located at 192 Christina Street North is a vegan restaurant in the heart of downtown Sarnia, home to a menu full of flavour, with a local craft beer selection on draft. Locals say you HAVE to try the kale soup. Even if you aren’t vegan you will love this place as a healthy option when deciding on lunch.

Under Wraps Cafe located at 108 Christina St South is a small Mexican joint home to the friendliest staff in the city! Their ingredients are fresh and staff are always generous when loading up your burrito or tacos.

 Sarnia’s Gift Giving Businesses

When it comes to buying gifts, local shops are often supporting local artists and designers. This means you are buying and giving gifts that are unique to your local area, which helps create a name for artists as well as strengthening communities and their surrounding areas.

Also, who doesn’t love giving your loved ones gifts!? What makes it even more fun is hunting for that special something. When shopping locally for gifts, you are almost certain to find unique items for your loved ones that will hold a special place in their heart. Whether its jewelry or flowers, Sarnia’s local shops have you covered!

Some local gift shops to consider include:

Jennys Floral Studio located at 1345 Colborne Rd. When gifting flowers, individuals often do not order online, as it is difficult to determine the quality of the flowers. However Jenny’s Floral Studio does an excellent job delivering above and beyond your expectations! The staff is very friendly and will do anything to accommodate last minute orders!

Brian Davis Jewelry, located at 459 Christina St N. Brian Davis offers excellent service at reasonable prices and complete repairs very quickly. Brain Davis Jewelry has been proudly serving Sarnia, Ontario since 1967.

Housing Services are a Large Contribution to the Businesses of Sarnia

Deciding to renovate your home is a big decision and choosing a trusted company to help with the process becomes part of the big decision. You don’t want to hire just anyone, you want to be certain your beloved home is in the right hands. With these trusted companies you can guarantee a top quality product from your local communities companies that will help you get the job done and the look you desire!

Some local housing services to consider include:

Sarnia Cabinets located at 1321 Plank Rd is home to a beautiful show room and incredible customer service. Continually giving back, Sarnia Cabinets is also very passionate about the environment. Scraps are used anywhere from wood shavings used for pet beds, to donating small pieces to local high schools.

William Standen Co. located at 812 Phillip St is a kitchen renovating company with incredible attention to detail. Their team is kind and professional and will make the overwhelming task of remodelling your kitchen a breeze!

When choosing to remodel the exterior of your home, such as your landscaping or windows, you need to make the same important decisions. A lot of time, effort and hard earned money has went into making this decision, and you want to make sure, once again, that you are choosing from the very best to earn your trust. The tour continues with my personal choice of two trusted companies.

Local exterior housing services include:

KD Exteriors located at 140 Russell St South, performs their work with great quality and care. They offer windows, doors, siding and shutters and are committed to going above and beyond.

Fraser Valley Landscaping makes it easy for clients to visualize the final result by taking a photo of the landscape and using a photo imaging software to help take clients from imagination to reality, making the decision process that much easier!

The moral reasons for shopping local speak for themselves, but one thing to remember is that local producers are no strangers. These are people who go to your church, coach your son and daughters Little League teams, and could even be your neighbours! Supporting local creates a stronger connection within the people in your town with every purchase, and this is why it is so important. So remember, next time you are looking to make a purchase, look in the heart of Sarnia first!

The Short List this Month

  • Williams Pastry Shop
  • Junior Bakery
  • Greens Organic Cafe
  • Under Wraps Cafe
  • Jennys Floral Studio
  • Brian Davis Jewelry
  • Sarnia Cabinets
  • William Standen Co.
  • KD Exteriors
  • Fraser Valley Landscaping

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