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Consider your business a leader in Sarnia Lambton County?

If you said "YES" then this is a great opportunity for you. How it Works: 1.  Sarnia Living builds a category page for your niche. We pick the top businesses and add them to the page. (up to 16 only) Dentist Example: 2.  We then proceed to bring on the businesses that join the program, and remove the ones that are not interested. This finalizes who is displayed on the Best of Page. 3.  The SEO team then proceeds to rank the page in Google for the main keyword that will bring in the most organic traffic. Keyword Example: Sarnia Dentists, 800 searches per month 4. Our team then begins the process of setting up the Google AdWords campaign, detailed to the niche/category for the Lambton County area. 5.  When the sales team sells out half the page, we start the Google Advertising campaign. That's it. Continue the monthly subscription and get the extra exposure, call leads, and website traffic. All done for you!  (fill out the form to get started today)